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Technical Equipment
Catering service

Spare parts

Downtime means annoyance and unnecessary costs. We make sure that both are kept to a minimum and provide you with well-established spare parts logistics that take care of breakdowns and interruptions before they can cause too much damage. If equipment goes out of service we can deliver at top speed, by courier or our technicians, as you require.


Defect machinery can be repaired by our service team. In particularly urgent cases we can offer quick repairs for a wide range of products to ensure that working procedures are not interrupted a minute longer than necessary. Overall repairs can be carried out on site or in our workshop.
Equipment identification and servicing history
Every piece of equipment we repair or deliver is given an ID number, through which we document all repairs, servicing and spare parts. We can supply a servicing history overview on request.


The O.K. Service team ensures the smooth running of your facilities through preventative servicing and professional operating support.

Chemicals distribution

We have developed a special programme for commercial kitchen hygiene. It consists of efficient products for dishwashers, general kitchen hygiene and an innovative dosage system. Particular attention was given to the cost effectiveness of the systems involved.
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